When we regenerate our soils, we restore our planet. It's that simple. By changing to regenerative agriculture, farmers set in motion a holistic domino effect beneficial to everyone. For this to become a success farmers, entrepreneurs and companies have to work together. We have to make regeneration our business!

Fairchain Model

The Soil Heroes Fairchain Model

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that restores the soil to its natural glory. Soil Heroes provides farmers with financial incentive and reward to transition to regenerative farming practices. At the same time, we offer all buyers, organisations, companies, consumers, an easy and reliable way through the Soil Heroes platform to become planet positive.

We enable 'buyers' to connect to and pay transitioning farmers for the natural services they deliver and on which we depend, in return for which they gain tangible proof of impact and added value for their own businesses. This produces a continuous cycle of positive effects. We call this the Soil Heroes Fairchain Model as it will lead to:

Fairchain Model

Healthy soils,

less carbon and more bio-diversity, nutrients and water storage.

Empowered farmers

improving their lands, yields, products and profits.

Planet positive businesses

finally doing more than just compensate their carbon footprint.

A better future for everyone

with tastier food on a regenerated planet.

This is how it works

We've developed a monitoring system that scientifically validates the positive effects of regenerative agriculture. With every hectare of healthy soil, farmers produce numerous eco-system services like sequestered carbon or more bio-diversity. Soil Heroes translates these into certificates that are offered on a special market place.

By purchasing a certificate you can choose the amount of regenerated hectares and eco-system services you want to commit to. One Soil Hero certificate (1 hectare) costs 325 euros.

Make a difference
Make a difference

Do you believe your business can help us make a difference?

Become a Soil Hero if

  • You believe planet positive results are key to your business operations or your brand image.
  • You want to commit to a one-time contribution, a yearly campaign or a structural regenerative change in your business.
  • You really want to do good for your employees, suppliers, shareholders or consumers.
Make a difference

Soil Heroes is not a paper tiger, nor a company that was conceived from behind a desk. Our Fairchain Model is built from the ground up, on our own farm and after years of going against the grain.

Our mission is to regenerate the world together with brands that strive to be planet positive.

Interested in joining the next regeneration?
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