In today's world, pioneers of business and farming balance profit with purpose. They strive for positive impact, such as capturing carbon and increasing biodiversity.

But this means you must consider the many challenges of a supply chain, which is complicated.

Take the first step on a regenerative journey with Soil Heroes, an organisation that you can trust.

Whether it is carbon offsetting, insetting, or sourcing suppliers that farm regeneratively,
Soil Heroes has your interests at heart.

Looking for additional revenue?
Get paid for doing noble work.



We quantify, verify and create visible impact



We connect business and farmers directly with each other

Added value

Added value

We add value via creating additional revenue models


Is your business looking for:

  • Reducing risk
  • Quantifying impact (carbon, biodiversity and water)
  • Unlocking your added value with your (own) farmers
  • Creating marketing value
  • Improving the world

Make impact and work with us!


As a farmer, are you looking for?

  • Additional income
  • Personal guidance with your transition towards Regenerative Agriculture
  • Toolkit on how to start with Regenerative Agriculture practices
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Stronger long-term relationship with your customers

Make impact and work with us!

Fairchain Model

The Soil Heroes Fairchain Model

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that restores the soil to its natural glory. Soil Heroes provides farmers with financial incentive and reward to transition to regenerative farming practices. At the same time, we offer all buyers, organisations, companies, consumers, an easy and reliable way through the Soil Heroes platform to become planet positive.

We enable 'buyers' to connect to and pay transitioning farmers for the natural services they deliver and on which we depend, in return for which they gain tangible proof of impact and added value for their own businesses. This produces a continuous cycle of positive effects. We call this the Soil Heroes Fairchain Model as it will lead to:

Fairchain Model

We are not doing this alone!

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"On which side of the line will you stand?"

Groundswell is Europe's largest Regen Ag conference. Here, we speak with the great Charles Massey about the impact of healthy soil.

We are looking for front running partners.
This requires a critical, open and pioneering attitude. Join a group of companies who are ahead of the crowd and understand that future success requires action today. Make an easy (local) change and join as farmer or as business and make your green impact! Give us a call at +316 4263 4732 or send us an email: info@soilheroes.com.

We offer farmers additional turnover via monitoring, quantifying and commercializing the environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture.

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