This is who we are

This is who we are

Soil Heroes connects healthy soils, farmers and businesses. And we do so from personal experience. Our founders, Jeroen and Mellany Klompe, are regenerative farmers, but also, together with Wilkin, true entrepreneurs. They know what it takes to launch something new. Just like the business directors, fundraisers, marketeers and tech wizards in our Soil Heroes team.

On our farm in the Dutch Hoeksche Waard we've seen the actual impact of regenerative agriculture with our own eyes. We know what we're doing works! But we also know our mission can only succeed if it becomes a profitable business model. For this we're looking for like-minded entrepreneurs and decision-makers that share our drive to regenerate the planet. So, let's get in touch!

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Soil Heroes
Scheepsmakershaven 2
3261 KN Oud Beijerland
The Netherlands
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