Soil Heroes for businesses

Soil Heroes for businesses

Join the Soil Heroes Fair Chain model to reduce or compensate the environmental footprint in your business and supply chains through regenerative farming. Together we can make regenerative agriculture and climate positive businesses the new norm.

different challenges

We enable your business to transform challenges of today in opportunities of tomorrow

In today's fast changing world, businesses face challenges increasingly related to climate change; think adapting to consumer needs, building resilience in the supply chain, responsible sourcing and reducing carbon footprint. But these challenges become opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to make positive changes to help both ecology and economy thrive. 

Did you know there is a solution right beneath our feet?

A solution that adds value to your business whilst having positive impact


The solution is right beneath our feet

Agricultural soils hold the key to a healthy planet. When we change how we grow our raw materials we can sequester more carbon, bring back biodiversity and increase the availability of sweet water. Soil Heroes matches companies with regenerative farmers to source impact and regenerative produce. 

Soils are a solution that adds value to your business whilst having positive impact on our planet.


Added value for your business

Soil Heroes offers a way to build a better world today. To enrich instead of just sustain. To regenerate, not just compensate. We're all about regeneration. With every hectare of farmland you help to regenerate, you add value to your brand, value chain, business and planet. We connect you to regenerative farmers and our impact making community to:

  • Reduce or compensate the environmental footprint in supply chains
  • Source regenerative produce
  • Gain knowledge and best practices on commercial application of regenerative farming and -sourcing

Why Soil Heroes Fair Chain Model?


Cost-efficient & digital solution for commercial application of regenerative agriculture


Access to multiple ecosystem services on 1 channel


Combining sourcing of ecosystem services with sourcing of (RegenAg) produce


Farmer-founded with a practical and academic knowledge base

Fact-based impact

Combining verified impact models with actual soil samples

Soil Heroes journey for businesses



Join the Soil Heroes Fair Chain model by generating your company profile on our online platform. You will be part of our online community of frontrunning companies and farmers, all embarking on a journey where regenerative farming and climate positive businesses are the norm.



As a member of the Soil Heroes Fair Chain model you gain access to practical and scientifically-proven knowledge on regenerative farming, its positive environmental impact and commercial potential for your business. We provide practical guidebooks and webinars on the commercial application of regenerative farming for impact-driven companies.



Our online platform matches companies with farmers to source scientifically verified and meaningful environmental impact generated by regenerative farmers. We offer quantified and enhanced carbon, meaning that the carbon comes together with additional improvements on biodiversity and water levels on the farm. We also facilitate companies to match with farmers to source regenerative produce.



The Soil Heroes Fair Chain Model starts with an independent soil base line study, after which we guide our farmers to apply regenerative farming practices. We monitor the regenerative farming practices and quantify and commercialize the ecosystem services generated by the regenerative farming practices. The impact models we use are scientifically verified and peer reviewed.

Are you a front running partner and looking to improve your business via soil? Start a low risk project with us!
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