Soil Heroes for farmers

Soil Heroes for farmers

Improve your soil health, your soil productivity and create additional business models through regenerative agriculture

Soil is the key

Soil is the key to healthy business

Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles that enriches soils, increases the biodiversity, increases the water holding capacity, and improves the ecosystem. Regenerative Agriculture offers new business models.

This way of farm practicing draws from decades of scientific and applied research by the global communities of organic farming, agroecology, holistic management, and agroforestry.

The effects of Regenerative agriculture:

Regenerative Agriculture

Increase of:

  • Crop resilience
  • Yields
  • Plant quality & nutrition
  • Profitability (long term)
  • Intrinsic land value
  • Natural capital
  • Climate resilience

Decrease of:

  • Costs
  • Artificial inputs
  • Need to irrigate
  • Harvest volatility - Top soil loss
  • Soil degradation
  • Run off & drought

Why Soil Heroes?


Cost-efficient & digital solution for commercializing regenerative farming


Sales of multiple ecosystem services on 1 channel


Combining sales of ecosystem services with sales of (RegenAg) produce


Farmer-founded with a practical and academic knowledge base

Fact-based impact

Combining verified impact models with actual soil samples

Soil Heroes journey for farmers



Join the Soil Heroes Fair Chain model by generating your regenerative farming profile on our online platform. You will be part of our online community of frontrunning companies and farmers, all embarking on a journey where regenerative farming and climate positive businesses are the norm.



As a member of the Soil Heroes Fair Chain model you gain access to on-farm tested, scientifically proven knowledge on regenerative farming practices, peer-2-peer learning sessions with farmers in your region and our regenerative farming guidebooks. We offer access to our network of experts, agronomists and companies that can support your farm in the journey towards a commercially viable, regenerative farming.



Our online platform matches farmers with companies to sell monitored, quantified and commercialized ecosystem services. We have verified and peer reviewed impact models for carbon, biodiversity and water, and are developing the model for nutrition. We also match you with companies looking for regenerative produce.



The Soil Heroes Fair Chain Model provides farmers with a phased approach to apply regenerative farming practices. You will start with an independent soil base line study (your soil time stamp), which provides you with in-depth insight in the state of your soil. We advise you what regenerative farming practices to apply, which we will track and verify, and eventually translate into soil improvements and quantified ecosystem services. You will receive a yearly soil health index connected to benchmarks to track your improvements and journey in regenerative (organic) farming.

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We offer farmers additional turnover via monitoring, quantifying and commercializing the environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture.

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