How it works

How it works

We can't say it in enough: a healthy planet starts with healthy soils. By restoring agricultural lands to their original ecological balance, we make sure life grows and prospers as nature intended. But this will not happen over day. It needs empowered farmers, scientific validation and new market forces. The Soil Heroes Fairchain Model is the continuous flywheel that will drive this entire regeneration cycle.

Farmers and healthy soils

Farmers and healthy soils

Healthy soils start with regenerative agriculture. This is a system of farming practices focusing on the natural balance between minerals, microbiology and organic matter. For instance by the use of cover crops and no tilling, that improves products and yields, makes farmlands more resilient (without the need for pesticides) and enhances so-called eco-system services like increased biodiversity and improved carbon sequestering.

Soil Heroes educates, empowers and supports farmers in making the transformation towards 'regen ag'. Connected farmers then register their plots and regenerative practices on our platform and become a part of the Fair Chainmodel.

Each hectare of regenerated farm land produces a specific amount of eco-system services.


Validating the positive effects

For instance: tons of sequestered carbon or square meters of increased bio-diversity. Soil Heroes has developed an elaborate system of tools that will be able to monitor and validate up to 8 of these eco-system services.

With the data from satellite-, drone- and ground measurements, as well as the inputs of farmers we can capture and present the exact eco-system services per hectare.

Our fair chain system monitors ecosystem services provided by farmers. With our system we are currently capable of quantifying the following services:


Nutrient density
improvement in foods


Biodiversity levels
being increased


Water being stored in
soils and with improved


Carbon being removed
from the atmosphere

Market place

Market place: connecting farmers and businesses

The next step in our Fairchain Model is connecting the tangible results of regenerated hectares to companies, decision-makers and entrepreneurs that strive to be planet positive. Soil Heroes does this by translating the different amounts of eco-system services into certificates and offering them on a special market place.

For buyers this offers a transparent and scientifically proven way of committing to a better planet. And for farmers this opens up a totally new business model.

Soil Hero certificates start at 325 euros (for 1 regenerated hectare of farmland). Every single certificate combines several eco-system services. As a buyer you just choose the amount of hectares you want to regenerate. This can be a one-time purchase, a short-term engagement or a multi-year collaboration.

Your certificate, along with your total contribution, farmer's information and personal motivation, will then be made available for you to share with stakeholders and consumers.