We believe in...

We believe in...

Healthy soils lead to healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet


Nature loss puts society at risk

The world today faces major climate and economic challenges. Global temperature is rising, we are facing water scarcity and are losing biodiversity at a catastrophic rate. On top of that we see a serious decline in the nutrient density of our food.

That is why we believe that everyone needs to change the way they do business.


The solution is right beneath our feet

Agricultural soils hold the key to a healthy planet. When we change how we grow our raw materials we can sequester more carbon, bring back biodiversity and increase the availability of sweet water. This natural capital is essential for the future health and stability of not only our climate but also our businesses.

Sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, apparel, energy, transport, construction and cosmetics depend on healthy soils. Soils are a solution that adds value to your business whilst having positive impact on our planet.


Let's change the way we farm.

Let's embrace the potential of all the available arable farmland to start nature regeneration by changing the way we farm. Regenerative (Organic) Agriculture is a system of farm practices that embraces nature and improves soil health. Which in turn delivers natural capital which holds carbon and improving level of nutrients in our food, this is called ecosystem services.

To make start practicing Regenerative (Organic) Agriculture can be challenging for farmers, that is where we come in.


How do we help businesses and farmers?

We provide scientifically proven and transparent evidence on improvements in carbon, biodiversity, water and nutrients. Based on data from satellite-, drone- and ground measurements, as well as the inputs of farmers so we can capture and present the exact impact per hectare.

We are fully transparent and connect businesses and farmers together to make even a greater impact by working together.

Connecting farmers and businesses

We enable businesses to engage with farmers in order to make the transition towards regenerative (organic) agriculture by paying them for the benefits (ecosystem services). This unlocks a whole new business models for farmers which accelerates the transition towards regenerative (organic) agriculture.

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