BvdV and Klompe Landbouw

Soil Heroes and BvdV, a legal and tax firm, joined forces to restore nature on farmlands

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Klompe Landbouw
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Soya beans, naked oats, rice, potatoes, wheats
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Lane farming, shallow tillage, reduce artificial inputs, Controlled Traffic farming
BvdV and Klompe Landbouw


The Klompe Farm

Meet BvdV, the first B-corp legal and tax firm in Europe

Soil Heroes is proud to announce that BvdV is one of our commercial partners to jointly make meaningful impact and mitigate climate change by regenerating soils. BvdV is the abbreviation of Bruggink & Van der Velden, the surnames of two lawyers with a novel vision on building a legal company. BvdV started a model, different from the traditional partner model, built on the belief that staff can be more motivated by ownership, trust, transparency, and democracy. As Soil Heroes, we are not only proud to have it as our legal partner but to also start restoring nature on farmlands together.

"Soil Heroes helps us to generate positive environmental impact in a meaningful way"

BvdV recently decided that next to all its efforts in building a socially conscious company, it wanted to explore how, as a legal and tax firm, it could contribute to an environmentally sustainable world. Although, as a service-based legal and tax firm, its environmental footprint is of a very different scale compared with producing companies, it would like to contribute to a healthy environment in a meaningful way. BvdV was inspired by the impact regenerative agriculture can have in sequestering carbon in our soils, improving biodiversity, and saving water. "Although, we don't interact nor influence the way farmers manage their lands as a legal and tax firm, as human beings we do interact with the farming and food system on a daily basis. Finding such a tangible and meaningful way to contribute to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss feels like a great first step in our journey to support a sustainable environment," say Falco Houwer and co-founder Sjoerd Van der Velden. BvdV has partnered with Soil Heroes to support Klompe Landbouw, as well as being its legal advisor, to implement regenerative farming practices in more plots of the farm. 


"Biodiversity lanes turned the tide for the farm of Jeroen"

Regenerative agriculture offered a new future for our farm

Jeroen Klompe is a 4th generation farmer and proud owner of Klompe Landbouw, an arable farm with ~350 hectares of, amongst multiple others, wheat, beans, and potatoes. Next to farming Jeroen co-founded and invested in enterprises building a resilient and regenerative food system. Jeroen Klompe runs his farm together with his wife Mellany Klompe, his never retiring father, and two children. Their two children are both highly motivated to take over the farm. While their son started his education at the agricultural college this year, Jeroen feels uncomfortable handing over the farm to his children in its current shape. The pressure of rising inputs, trade wars, unpredictable weather conditions, and a negative public opinion around farming challenge the future of the farm.

Biodiversity lanes turned the tide: reducing input costs by investing in nature

With her environmental background, Mellany advocated to invest in biodiversity and soil health to reduce irrigation and chemical inputs. Jeroen decides to start with biodiversity lanes, which translates into flower edges on the sides of plots to improve above and below soil biodiversity. The result was encouraging! It was 7 years ago when Jeroen and Mellany joined forces to study the practices of regenerative (organic) agriculture, their costs and benefits and developed a plan to test on their farm. They are step-by-step transiting the farm to regenerative (organic) practices, with a slowly arising future proof business model.


"Regenerative agriculture sequesters carbon in our soils, improves biodiversity and water savings. "

With every hectare converted to regenerative agriculture, a minimum of 3 tons of CO2 are sequestered, 4000m2 of biodiversity zones (non-productive zones with a wide variety of plants) are reinstalled and significant water savings are realized.  Via the Soil Heroes Fairchain Model, the environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture per hectare are measured, quantified, and communicated to both companies and farmers. For BvdV, this means that their support to Klompe Landbouw generates quantified environmental benefits (carbon, biodiversity, and water savings) that are accounted to BvdV. For Klompe Landbouw, this means they generate revenues by restoring nature, get insights into their soil health via the monitoring equipment of Soil Heroes, and access to peers and experts with the necessary knowledge to implement regenerative practices on your farm.

"Collaboration and augmentation are the foundational principles of innovation" 

Soil Heroes makes nature everyone's business.

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