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Grand Farm


Grand Farm

GRAND FARM is looking for partners to jointly restore nature on a massive scale

GRAND FARM is one of our key partners to restore nature on farmlands in Austria. GRAND FARM is a frontrunning organic farm, running experiments to drive their farm towards regenerative agriculture. As Soil Heroes, we are so happy to work this farm. GRAND FARM sets an example for regenerative agriculture, is ambitious and open in sharing their lessons and strongly believe, just like us, that collaboration is one of the key requirements to transit to regenerative agriculture. We are looking for commercial partners to partner and make that change at GRAND FARM.

Alfred Grand, the founder of GRAND FARM, was trained as a conventional farmer. Alfred's wife, twenty-one years ago, started to complain about the chemicals sprayed on the land during her pregnancy. "Back then, I didn't understand. When I was spraying chemicals, my wife closed all the doors and windows. She already knew chemicals were not good for humans, nor plants or other organisms" says Alfred. Alfred got even more convinced that a new perspective on agriculture was required when he began experimenting with worm composting. "Worms showed me that soils are like sponges. The soil absorbs everything that enters, from chemicals to water and nutrients, which the soil releases to the plants, meaning that the chemicals enter the plant and our food as well" Alfred explains. My wife and the worms gave me the first motivation to convert to regenerative organic farming. 

The power of a holistic perspective on farming and collaboration

The philosophy of the GRAND FARM is to see the big, systemic, or holistic picture. Alfred no longer aims for record yields or the highest count in butterflies. Alfred: "We involve people from different sectors, and we want to have an impact on climate, biodiversity, environment, economy, society, and, other aspects of life at the same time. Our philosophy is to disseminate our findings to farmers, decision-makers, and society to upscale the impact of our work".


"We are developing a framework for market gardening in Europe"

GRAND FARM is a research and demonstration farm for regenerative organic farming in Austria

Currently, GRAND FARM applies several regenerative (organic) practices, including, amongst many others, flower strips,  agroforestry, market gardening, zero pesticide usage and  vermi-composting. They constantly run small-scale experiments to test new practices. Alfred is proud to have converted his farm into an organic research and demonstration farm, where one can test and demonstrate innovative solutions to regenerate our soils and ecosystems for a future-orientated way of farming. He is particularly proud of the magnificent collaboration with a wide diversity of partners like scientists, NGOs, agronomists, industry, and the society at GRAND FARM. Alfred is part of multiple networks around future-orientated farming such as Global Lighthouse Farming Network; Mission board for Soil Health and Food, Board member of Regenerative Organic Alliance, amongst others.

The work of GRAND FARM benefits society as a whole

GRAND FARM wants to continue its experiments in many fields, including mixed seeds, living mulch, and holistic livestock implementation. Alfred: "We have the ambition to establish a framework for the set-up of market gardening, where consumers purchase directly from the farmer. Within Agroforestry, we want to explore and demonstrate the benefits of multifunctional hedges". To fulfill all the work GRAND FARM primarily needs more employees. Today, the GRAND FARM funds most of its work directly from the revenues of the farm, which is limiting the research. The endeavors of the GRAND FARM to regenerate soils by testing and demonstrating innovative solutions relevant for partners beyond farmers. That is why the GRAND FARM has partnered with Soil Heroes. The work of GRAND FARM is benefitting climate, biodiversity, environment, and therefore society.

Our philosophy

"Our philosophy is to disseminate our findings to farmers, decision-makers, and society to upscale the impact of our work"

Together with Soil Heroes and its partners, GRAND FARM will test and share learnings of new practices in regenerative organic agriculture

"I hope to raise awareness for our work and partner with commercial partners, with a similar mindset that can join and support our efforts in regenerative organic agriculture as well as in research and demonstration" according to Alfred. We are looking for commercial partners who want to make meaningful impact by enabling farmers to restore nature on their farmlands and regenerate their soils, which in turn mitigates to climate change, and generates a resilient farming and food system. 

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