Huel joins Soil Heroes to jointly support a UK farmer

Huel joins Soil Heroes to jointly support a U.K. farmer to become a U.K. showcase farm for regenerative agriculture

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There is great momentum for building a regenerative agriculture showcase farm in the U.K.

In the UK, there is a growing recognition that regenerative agriculture practices can be part of a solution for climate change, as well as providing multiple other benefits, such as increased biodiversity, nutrient-rich food and water savings. The President of the National Farmers’ Union of England and Wales, Mrs. Batters, considers the COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow the opportunity for British farmers to “truly demonstrate that we are committed to being global leaders in climate-friendly food”. Key drivers for farmers to make the transition towards regenerative agriculture are proof of practice and revenue models based on regenerative agriculture. Soil Heroes is therefore joining forces with frontrunning companies and farmers to jointly build showcases for regenerative agriculture.
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"Soil Heroes are building a much needed pathway to prove and accelerate a transition to long-term sustainable agricultural practices."

Huel wants to help create a sustainable food system for the future

“A sustainable food system is going to require action at all levels - agriculture, manufacture, retail and consumers. Soil Heroes are building a much needed pathway to prove and accelerate a transition to long-term sustainable agricultural practices. We already offer low carbon products, but there is so much potential to improve further and this partnership offers us the opportunity to build our knowledge and explore what is possible in our own supply chain” says Jessica Sansom, Sustainability Director of Huel. Huel is the bestselling ‘complete nutrition brand’ in the world, with a record-breaking 100 million meals sold. Huel’s mission is to make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment.

Huel joined Soil Heroes to learn about the role regenerative agriculture can play in developing a sustainable food system for the future and particularly to understand the link between regenerative agriculture and nutrition. The bigger aim of both Huel and Soil Heroes is to make regenerative agriculture financially viable for the long term and not a ‘boutique’ way of farming that cannot be widely applied. The Soil Heroes programme is starting with the set-up of showcase farms which can inspire and inform farmers globally, of various sizes in various financial situations, to convert to regenerative agriculture and know that it makes climate and commercial sense. Jessica explains how Huel supports and potentially can further integrate Soil Heroes in the vision of Huel: “Currently Soil Heroes forms part of Huel’s community work, meaning it will be funded through our profit sharing initiative to support organisations aligned with Huel’s mission. Longer term, we would love to incorporate Soil Heroes into our procurement”.

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"Very concrete, Soil Heroes offers us revenue streams based on nature restoration, and innovative tools and techniques for on-going (regenerative) farm improvements"

Huel has teamed up with Showsley Farm, a farmer at the end of the street of their Headquarters and who is highly motivated to prove and share the value of regenerative agriculture.

Showsley Farm covers 600 hectares in Towcester, Northamptonshire. Showsley Farm is owned by Carl Krefting, who directed an international food business and decided 10 years ago to move into farming. Carl’s son, Fred Kefting, is taking over the farm with a strong commitment to transform the Farm into regenerative agriculture, share their learnings with other farmers and set an example for regenerative farms in the UK. Carl and Fred Krefting joined Soil Heroes to learn from and work with a group of like-minded farmers to together confront the challenges of farming in the future, including volatile commodity prices and climate change. “Very concrete, Soil Heroes offers us revenue streams based on nature restoration, and innovative tools and techniques for on-going (regenerative) farm improvements” says Fred Krefting. Showsley is set to become one of the first farms in the UK to be privately paid for farming using regenerative farming practices, compensating CO2, increasing biodiversity, and saving water. On average, by farming regeneratively, Showsley Farm will sequester 4.5 tonnes of CO2, and generate 400m2 of biodiversity, providing homes for bees, butterflies, birds and other flora and fauna.

The Soil Heroes programme brings together companies and farmers to jointly set a new standard in the food and agriculture sector.

The impact from this collaborative project is quantified and verified using satellite imagery and other collected data using the Soil Heroes open fair-chain model. The impact for both company and farmer is much more than just the quantifiable impacts on climate change, biodiversity and water. It’s also the one-on-one personal contact amongst farmers, amongst companies and between companies and farmers. A company like Huel knows who the farmer is, who is generating positive environmental impact for them, and they can explore how to strengthen and develop their relationship further.